Based on the assessment, recommends Debt Counselling as a means for you to take back control over your finances. According to your financial summary, you are spending more than you earn and are therefore in need of the correct financial advice.

By formally negotiating with your credit providers, verified debt counsellors are able to extend the terms of your loans, reduce interest rates and fees which could reduce your monthly debt instalments by up to 70%. partners are also likely to reduce your interest rates. Imagine how quickly you will be able to solve your debt! advises you to:

  • Fill out the free call-back form in order to a receive free consultation over the phone from one of our partners
  • Together, with a partner, work through your budget and see where you can cut down on your expenses
  • Listen to our financial advice and apply for Debt Counselling, which is best suited for you based on this assessment
  • Take the first step to becoming debt and stress free!


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